La'cryma is one of the dimensions featured in the series. It is a parallel world to the main dimension in the series, however it's current state in time is 15 years ahead of the main dimension.

La'cryma is constantly under threat of being absorbed into Shangrilla, which is the third major dimention to feature in Noein.


La'cryma appears to have once resembled the main dimension in the series. After an event which is similar to the Magic Circle project of the original dimension, La'cryma lost its physical state and is now instead made up of raisu particles.

Because of these events, in addition to the constant damage from Noein's assaults, the landscape of La'cryma is now charred and mostly unrecognizable when compared to the main dimension in the series. The residents of La'cryma all seem to reside within an underground complex.

The characters residing inside the underground complex all believe it to be dangerous to leave the complex, due to the assaults from Noein, only leaving the complex for battle or when absolutely necessary.


Because La'cryma is a parallel world to the main dimension featured in the series, up to the point where the Dragon Knights first visit the main series' dimension, the main series dimension shares the same history as La'cryma to a certain point.

It is unknown if the main series dimension would have the exact same progression as La'cryma if the Dragon Knights had not interfered, as beyond the arrival of the Dragon Knights, the future of the main series dimension had been externally influenced.

Notable ResidentsEdit